Florian Bamberg

Communications Consultant


Experienced communications strategist who has added value for clients during transactions, crises and day to day business.

Profound knowledge of communications and media relations with a focus on capital markets, M&A and private equity.

Deep understanding of corporate strategy and capital markets, driven through more than ten years of experience as well as an Executive MBA (Kellogg/WHU).

Broad network amongst business and finance journalists as well as executives and investment bankers, lawyers and other professionals in finance and capital markets.

FTI Strategic Communications
FTI Consulting Report: Preventing Attacks from Activist Investors through Transparent Forecasts -...

For some years now, both scholars and practitioners in companies, investment banks, and corporate law firms in Germany have been looking at activist shareholders and their reasons for buying into companies and demanding change. An empirical study by FTI and WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management indicates that accurate financial forecasting is essential for preventing cases of shareholder activism.

Das sind die „Fachjournalisten des Jahres 2018"

Für herausragende journalistische Leistungen wurde heute der „Karl Theodor Vogel Preis der Deutschen Fachpresse - Fachjournalist des Jahres" verliehen. Mit dem Preis zeichnet die Deutsche Fachpresse gemeinsam mit der Karl Theodor Vogel Stiftung (Würzburg) seit 2005 fachjournalistische Beiträge aus, die aktuelle Fach- und Branchenthemen hervorragend recherchiert sowie beispielhaft sprachlich, stilistisch und visuell mit hohem Leser- und Branchennutzen darstellen.